The Best MLM Companies In The Industry

The Best MLM Companies

If you’ve ever considered throwing your regular job away and doing something that gives you financial freedom and more time to spend on the things that matter most, it’s likely that you’ve come across the multi level marketing world before. Although MLM has been around for many years, it’s just recently that the entire game has changed thanks to the wonder of the internet.

For those who are considering making a career move for themselves and becoming their own boss, there are quite a few MLM companies to consider. Each of these has their own unique way of doing things and different products and services that they sell, so it really depends on which one offers the most legitimate profits and which suits your skills and interests.

MLM How it Works

This handy buying guide has been compiled to help you sort through some of the best MLM business opportunities currently available, and what each of them has to offer the individual. Once you know the features to look for, you’ll be better equipped to choose one that will assist you in reaching your financial goals and doing so in a way that works comfortably with your lifestyle.

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What Is Multi Level Marketing?

Newcomers to the world of marketing may have never heard of MLM before, but the approach is really quite simple. Multi level marketing, just as the name suggests, relies on a large network of people that help to sell a product or service to others.

The approach is used by direct sales company and urges their customers or distributors to recruit more people to buy the product or become distributors themselves.

When a distributor is successful in recruiting another distributor, they are then entitled to a share of the commissions that this new person makes. As that distributor hires more people, the commissions are continually paid upward so that someone can make a long and successful career from MLM alone.

MLM Logo

There are many different formats of multi level marketing, or network marketing as it’s commonly known, available. One of the most popular forms of this style of business is Avon, and this company continues to be a successful example of how rewarding and lucrative MLM can be when you apply yourself.

Depending on your interests and background, there are a number of ways you can join in, however, some prefer to look for the best MLM compensation plan in order to make the most money. The compensation plan of an MLM shows you how commissions are paid, and usually requires that distributors reach certain levels before they’re eligible for an increase in their commissions.

Who Is Multi Level Marketing For?

Multi level marketing offers a legitimate and lucrative way to make money, and it appeals to a number of different people. Here are a few groups that might find success with multi level marketing for themselves:


When you’re done working for someone else and have time to spare, spending a few hours a week into growing yourself a successful MLM network can be a way to stay occupied and make yourself great money without having to do too much hard work.

Stay At Home Parents

For moms and dads who aren’t in the workforce but still want to make money in a way that suits their family’s lifestyle, MLM is a great opportunity to do so.

Stay At Home Parents are Ideal For MLM Marketing

Permanent Employees

If you’ve worked your entire life and made money for someone else’s company, MLM is a great way to begin working from home and building up a full-time career for yourself where you can work to your own schedule.


With such a huge focus on MLM companies that offer education on internet marketing and affiliate marketing, students interested in these areas are able to combine both things successfully and make money as they study.

The Difference Between Multi Level Marketing Vs Pyramid Scheme

Multi level marketing has had its share of negativity since its beginnings, with many people likening it to the troublesome pyramid schemes that became popular in the 1980s. Pyramid schemes are illegal in the US and in many other countries, for the fact that they take people’s hard earned money and scam them into investing in something that isn’t there.

A pyramid scheme makes the promise of more money to those who invest, but it turns out that no product or service was ever purchased. This exchange of money makes it way up to the top where one person collects most of the profits, and everyone below is in charge of recruiting more and more in order to keep money coming in.

Although some people compared multi level marketing to a pyramid scheme, they are actually quite different. A multi level marketing company sells products and services in exchange for money, and although they work on the basis of recruiting more people or sharing the product, there is nothing immoral or wrong with the practice.

MLM Vs Pyramid Scheme

If someone wishes to purchase the product or service and not sell it onto anyone else, there’s no need for them to do so. However, if you want to make a supplemental income they usually offer a few different ways that you can get involved.

Numerous watchdogs operate in the United States alone to keep an eye out for this kind of activity, so you can rest assured that most of the popular MLM companies you’ve heard of are operating genuine and legal business opportunities.

Due to such high exposure during cases such as the Herbalife inquiry of recent years, there’s now more importance than ever in ensuring that the best MLM companies to work for are all above board.

What To Consider When Choosing A Mlm System

When you’re trying to find the best MLM companies to join, there’s actually quite a lot you’ll need to consider. If you’re at this point and feel you’re ready to commit to getting your financial freedom, you’ve probably already read countless reviews of the best and worst to try and make up your mind.

While there are some leaders in terms of the best MLM business you can join, not everyone is going to be ideal for everyone. The point is to find one that works with your strengths, one that can teach you as you continue to grow, and obviously, one that will help you to reach your own goals, financially and personally.

Commission Rate

There’s no doubt that this is the area people look to first when choosing an MLM company, but it shouldn’t be the sole decider. Some MLMs offer a greater commission rate but it can harder to sell the products and services, so don’t always be swayed by a higher percentage being offered.

Comminsions Per Level

Quality Of Product/Service

You certainly don’t want to be trying to sell something yourself that you can’t personally endorse, so always choose a product or service that is good quality. It’ll be that much easier for you to market to others and you’ll find greater success when you decide to only work with reputable MLM companies that have good products available.


It’s so common nowadays for MLM scams to pop up everywhere, and a quick search on the internet can list thousands of results showing this. Ensure that the MLM you invest your time and money is legitimate and offers a real chance to make money for yourself, otherwise, you’ll be essentially throwing your money down the drain.

Type Of Product/Service

Depending on your interests and skills, there are a number of MLM companies you can align yourself with. Due to the popularity of the internet and the direction that it’s taking modern businesses, an MLM with a focus on the internet and online marketing will usually be beneficial in helping you to grow skills as well as present an opportunity for affiliate sales.

Other popular MLM businesses include candles, cosmetics, nutritional supplements, and diet plans.

Top Choices For The Best Mlm Companies To Join

With so many options out there, finding the legitimate MLM companies that can actually teach you something and make you a profit is hard to do. That’s why we’ve narrowed down the search and brought you our top picks for best MLM business, so you don’t have to weed your way through the bad ones any longer.


When you’re looking for more than just marketing and instead need something to help you run and grow your business, Aspire might be just up your alley.

The Aspire difference is that it offers a complete digital business system that can be used at any stage in your professional journey, whether you’re just starting your own company or have many years of marketing and business experience behind you.

Aspire is a comprehensive digital business system that operates in four different stages. The first stage is Start Up which provides the very basics for getting your business off the ground. Then you complete the Set Up stage which goes into more detail about where you will focus your efforts in order to make money.

Thirdly, the Scale Up stage will show you how to increase your business’ online reach and get more from your customers. Finally, the Training section offers a complete training package on how you can learn from market leaders about what they do.

Aspire Franchise Review

To join Aspire is only $1, and while you’re working through the initial stages you’ll have your very own coach to help you along the way. From here, you can choose from a number of income streams and each with their own advantages, so it can work around what your time and money can afford to invest in. Although there is technically no need to upgrade from here, to be successful with Aspire you’ll need to go ahead with the upsells being offered, so be prepared to pay a little.

The best thing about Aspire is that there’s a lot of interaction with staff, whether it’s for mentoring purposes or support with technical problems. This is definitely a strong point when compared to others, so if you’re a beginner at affiliate marketing it can be handy to have someone walking you through the steps. However, those with more experience might be a little put off by all of the interaction and prefer to move at their own pace.



For the MLM who is looking for a system run by someone with serious experience behind them, it might be worth investigating the Tecademics approach. Tecademics was created by Chris Record who is well known in affiliate marketing circles as someone with years of success, and this education system he’s created is by far one of the best.

Tecademics is an online college that’s full of useful information, courses, and subjects that can make you successful in just about any industry you choose online. There is a range of lessons available that are taught by leaders in the field, and it offers a very real opportunity to make money for yourself with affiliate marketing.

The Tecademics approach has three main products that you can invest in, starting with The Entrepreneurs Club (TEC) at around $100 a month. This will give you access to everything you need as a beginner to get involved in online marketing.

For those looking for a bit more, you can do the Impact course which costs around $2000 and gives far more depth as a full-time home study course. Finally, the Master’s option is ideal for up to two people and costs about $10,000, but offers the most comprehensive one-time tuition fee for the entire Tecademics program.

Tecademics Review

The learning style is varied with Tecademics, and there’s everything from live streams to educational videos available. For those who are interested in making money from Tecademics, there’s a great affiliate program involved which will give you 40% of the product cost once you make an activated sale.

There are some huge bonuses offered by Tecademics, but the reality of the everyday marketer being able to achieve this is unlikely. For example, once you make your first million dollars they will match it for you, which might seem near impossible.

Though there is the potential to make some great money here, it’s probably better suited to experienced marketers who have a solid background and contact list, as well as enough financial backing to purchase the entire program to be able to sell it.



Whether you’re new to MLM or have been in the business for years, there’s a good chance you’ve already heard of the MOBE name. My Online Business Education (MOBE) is one of the original and the best in terms of MLM, so if you’re a beginner looking for somewhere to get started then this is a great choice for your first.

The MOBE system comprises of 21 different stages of education, all designed to make you a professional affiliate marketer or a success in any online business you might have. To join MOBE is just $49, and from there you work your way through the different levels and along the way unlock the opportunity to share the system with others and earn yourself a sizeable commission.

MOBE is definitely one of the more detailed MLM companies to work for, and you’ll really need to spend your time understanding the system, its offerings, and what each level of membership will get you. However, it will be worth your time and effort once you reach the end, as this offers a great chance to start building some bank with MLM.

Mobe Logo Review

There really isn’t much that MOBE doesn’t cover, so it’s especially useful for those with little to no online marketing experience.

Using the online tools provided by MOBE, you’ll be able to learn how to create sales funnels, follow up with prospects, and even understand more about the psychology of selling. For those with some experience in MLM, there is quite a bit of information to wade through, so be warned that the beginning of the program is more for newcomers.

Active affiliates of MOBE can earn 10 – 50% commission on sales, however the higher up you get with your compensation plan the better your earnings will be. This is one of the few MLM companies that even offer a bonus if you don’t make a sale, with a huge $500 on offer that proves how dedicated they are to a system that works.

One of the best things about MOBE is how much help they give you to grow your business, so if you find that some aspects just aren’t your forte then they can assist.

There are various products you can purchase from MOBE that mean they will shoot a promotional video for you, generate traffic to your site, and even write your content, and it’s fully customizable to suit your needs. For a great overall MLM system, MOBE is definitely among the winners.


Wealthy Affiliate

No matter where you turn in the online marketing world, it’s hard not to notice the Wealthy Affiliate name floating around.

This is a truly unique MLM company when compared to the rest, as it centers around a huge online community that supports each other with its successes and failures. People from all backgrounds and with various levels of experience are there to assist, so you’re never alone in your ventures.

By far the best thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that it’s free to join, and there’s absolutely no need to upgrade to the Premium version if you can’t afford it. When you join the basic system, you’ll get yourself two hosted websites plus help from the community, access to training videos, and so much more than you could imagine for paying absolutely nothing.

Although it’s best to start with the basic membership, to make some serious money and learn more about internet marketing then you can upgrade to Premium. Premium offers all kinds of training and education courses, videos, live support, and more. Where the real difference lies is in commission though, as you’ll get 100% more when you’re on this compensation plan.

Wealthy Affiliate Logo Review

The Wealthy Affiliate program starts from the very beginning and shows you how to build your online business from the ground up, so those who already know what they’re doing might find it a little overwhelming with all of the information. However, WA will give you a clear action plan so you’ll realize that all of this data was necessary, and your marketing skills will thank you for it later.

On top of the live video classes, there’s 24/7 support from the online community. You can ask questions or share your feedback, and it’s great to hear real advice from people who have been there before and can tell you about their ups and downs.

This is no ordinary get rich quick MLM company, so be prepared to put in the time and effort and you’ll be greatly rewarded with Wealthy Affiliate.



My Lead System Pro is a unique MLM company in that they work off the power of attraction, and hope to teach their students how to get customers to come to them.

Investing in the MLSP system will get you two things: access to their online training and education program, and a real and genuine way to build your company using their tools. These tools include things like capture pages and pre-written emails that you can use to your advantage.

My Lead System Pro is known as one of the more genuine ways to make money from home with an MLM company, but this doesn’t mean it’s going to be quick and easy.

There is a lot to learn and it will take time to build up your customer base, so you need to be prepared to give it a few months of work and financial input to start getting anywhere. For this reason, newcomers to MLM might not be interested in starting out with such a system.

MyLeadSystemPRO Review

The downside with My Lead System Pro is that some of the content is wafer thin and there’s too much emphasis on the affiliate products. If you’re looking for a genuine education on internet marketing and something that you can put into practice, you might be put off by how much you can actually use here.

MLSP is definitely one of the better options for MLM out there, but you really need to be sure you’re committed to the system.

It can give you everything you need to start your online marketing business or just help to improve your skills, but you will need to put in work and money yourself to get things moving. If you’re in the position to do so, this is certainly one of the more beneficial recruitment based multi-level marketing companies to work for.


The Lurn Insider

Lurn Insider is a system that teaches you exactly how its founder, Anik Singal, made his multimillion-dollar empire. Known as the Entrepreneur’s Toolkit, Lurn Insider has been designed to give you everything you need to get started in online marketing, even if you’ve never made $1 online before.

This system works in quite a few different ways, so it’s great for people who need more than just educational videos to stay motivated.

The Lurn Insider system comprises of a comprehensive journal that shows you every aspect of becoming an online entrepreneur as well as a technical guide that can help you set up websites, create sales funnels, and so much more.

This practical information coupled with the Q&A calls with an expert makes Lurn Insider one of the more quality business systems available, and certainly worthy of your time.

This system offers one of the better user interfaces available, and it couldn’t be simpler to navigate your way around. However, among this simplicity is a system that requires you to put in real work and effort in order to see results, so if you’re looking for an MLM that can start generating an income sooner rather than later it might not be for you.

The Lurn Insider Review

Lurn Insider offers a very real and comprehensive education comprising of a number of different methods and programs you can use, and it will show you how to take matters into your own hands and build your own empire.

As an affiliate of Lurn Insider, you’ll be confident that you can sell this program to others and know that you’re sharing something truly exciting with the rest of the world, and you’ll be paid a decent commission to do so.

If you’re looking for a MLM company that can actually give you real information and a solid education in internet marketing and isn’t just focused on their own affiliate products, Lurn Insider is it.

You’ll learn from someone with years of experience who has made millions online, and who started out just like you, so it’s full of practical information that you can actually use to your advantage.


Digital Altitude

For a multi level marketing opportunity that will first work to improve your mindset, you can’t go past Digital Altitude. This system specifically teaches digital entrepreneurs how to grow their company and brand to a successful level, but the most important first part is working to overcome your current mindset.

Digital Altitude offers a number of things for its students, including daily training and motivation calls, expert advice from coaches, in-depth education about how to market online, and a sales team that does the hard work for you.

This dedicated sales team is by far one of the greatest features that Digital Altitude offers, and is especially great for the wannabe marketer who likes the process of the sale without the tough closing at the end.

Digital Altitude Review

You can try the Digital Altitude system for just $1 which will give you access for 14 days, so you have more than enough time to try it out and see if you like it. However, once you commit past this beware that you’ll need to spend quite a bit on upsells before you get the chance to make serious money.

For this reason, it’s probably best for those with the finances to spare and a good background in marketing to make it worth your while.

Digital Altitude will provide you with a complete business system that can do everything from payroll and processing to closing your sales, so it really is a holistic approach to building your MLM company.

Whether you want to make your money as an affiliate of this system or use everything you learned and the tools provided to grow your own niche company, Digital Altitude is certainly one of the better choices for how to get it done right.


The Final Verdict

With literally thousands of different business opportunities out there, it can be hard narrowing down which is best for you. Once you know that you no longer want to work a standard nine to five job anymore, though, you’ll see that multi level marketing is a smart choice for your next career direction.

While there’s certainly some tough competition out there, we could only choose one as the best MLM company to work for. MOBE appears to be the leader in more ways than one and offers a great opportunity for entrepreneurs whether you’re just starting out or have a more established marketing background already.

Although there are other great choices available, they didn’t offer the complete package the way that MOBE does, and the sheer volume of products and services that you can invest in and sell for yourself.

When you’re ready to start working for yourself and making your own money from home, you’ll be pleased to know that there are some genuine opportunities out there in the world of multi level marketing companies.




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